Join us as we read the bible in one year.  The theme of the bible reading year is "THE  WEEKLY WORD".  We will begin our journey in The Word this January 2024 and will meet each week to discuss.

The Weekly Word Bible Study 

Throughout the year we will use The Bible Year as we journey through the scripture.  It is highly recommended that you obtain a copy of this  Devotional Journal to use for the year.  Copies can be purchased at the  church office.  

Purchase Cost:  $16.00
Weekly group discussions

Wednesdays at 10 am         (In person) - Merrell UMC Room 17  with Sis. Cecelia McIntyre.  
Wednesdays at   7 pm          (Online)  -  Question and Answers with Pastor Bancroft.
Fridays at 5 pm                          (In person)  -  Merrell UMC Room 17 with Sis Michelle McMahon.  
Last Sunday of the month (In person) -  Monthly check-in/Catch-up discussion with Sis. Di Dann.